The Undefeated: Behind the design of Damian Lillard’s ‘Black Panther’ Adidas Dame 5

Shortly after Black Panther‘s February 2018 release, Stephen Perona, a 31-year-old software engineer from the Portland area, who works as a sneaker artist on the side, delivered an incredible pair of custom “Wakanda Forever” Adidas Dame 4s...


Hypebeast: Adidas's DAME 4 Gets a Dose of Vibranium With 'Black Panther' Custom

Wakanda lives on through Damian Lillard‘s fourth signature sneaker. Following the highly coveted collaboration alongside BAPE, the adidas DAME 4 has recently received a custom Black Panther makeover courtesy of @mammothnamedjim.

The sneaker gets dipped in black while purple and hints of blue are incorporated in its underlay as a nod to the Vibranium found in the film. You’ll also find details on the lacing reminiscent of the necklace in the movie housed on the tech-filled Black Panther suit. The design is closed out with small Black Panther helmet logos added to each tongue, in addition to “Wakanda Forever” text on the right and left tongues, respectively.


Highsnobiety: These “Wakanda Forever ” DAME 4s Are on Another Level

Sneaker customizer @mammothnamedjim took to Instagram to share his latest creation, which is a perfectly executed Black Panther-themed pair of adidas DAME 4s.

While they’ve obviously just been custom painted and don’t feature any of Wakanda’s highly advanced Vibranium technology, it’s still fun to imagine Damian Lillard rocking these on court and having an unfair advantage over his opponents.


Willamette Week: 37 Reasons to Love the Blazers Right Now

#18. …And Black Panther.

Portland designer Stephen Perona made Lillard a custom pair of purple-and-black kicks in March of 2018, based on the Marvel superhero. Adidas just debuted a retail pair. (Lillard has another version Perona made him: a gold shoe paying tribute to the movie's socially radical villain Eric Killmonger, who—like Lillard—is from Oakland.)


Willamette Week: Good Vibranium

The swift moves, darting attacks and timely maneuvers of Chadwick Boseman's titular hero bore a striking resemblance to those of Blazers star Damian Lillard. Inspired, he decided to creatively express those similarities by tying the two heroes together through his newfound artistic passion—customizing sneakers.