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Welcome to Mammoth Customs, I'm Stephen Perona, the artist/customizer behind all the Mammoth Customs creations.

Born out of a lifelong love of sneakers and a compulsive need to create I began customizing sneakers in 2017. With an aim to celebrate both art and the sneakers it's applied to, I craft custom, one of one, wearable creations. I've been fortunate enough to apply my art to a variety of projects for video game launches, NBA players, and private commissions.

I'd love the opportunity to work with you and create something unique. Take a look through the portfolio gallery to see some previous works and when you're ready, get in touch using the contact form.

-How it Works-

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Choose a Base:

One of the first steps of the custom process is choosing the right base shoe. The basic styling and material makeup become the foundation for the custom so it's essential to choose a good base.

We can work with most materials but some materials work better for certain types of customs. Customs with intricate details, for instance, are great on leather or canvas shoes, but not so much on shoes with knit uppers.

When picking a base, it's important to pay attention to the portions of the shoe we're unable to customize. Outsoles are one of the most common. As part of the consultation we'll help select a base in which the fixed portions compliment the ending theme.

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Decide the Theme:

This is the step that makes a custom unique to you. Whether you want to rep your favorite team, express your fandom for a game/movie, commemorate a special event or just want a unique colorway; theming options are endless. We'll work with you to sort out the theme and any key elements you want to make sure are captured in the final design. Take a spin through the portfolio gallery to see some of what is possible!

If you already have a specific theme and ideas in mind, be sure to include them when you submit the contact form or send us an email.

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Bring it to Life:

It's time to make your custom a reality! It all begins with prep, prep, and more prep. Factory finishes are stripped or sanded, panels are taped off and any necessary adhesion promoter is applied. Prepping the base makes all the difference in a custom that will last so we're extra thorough here.

Once everything is prepped, it's time to sketch out any guidelines, mix colors, and finally, start painting. Depending on the design we'll use a combination of brush painting, airbrushing, stencils/masks, and various other techniques to turn the base shoe into your unique custom.

After the artwork is applied we give everything a finishing pass. At this point, we apply any applicable finishers or sealers and make sure everything looks great. From there we lace them up, take a few photos, and then they're on their way to you!