Frequently Asked Questions

How much for a pair of customs?

This is a really common question, and unfortunately one with no set answer. There are a lot of different variables in the price of a custom (base shoe material/size, art complexity, shipping, etc.). In general, it varies based on the details and complexity of the project. More complex and intricate customs will typically be more expensive. If you have an idea in mind, use the contact form to let us know. We can give you an accurate price quote and work with you to find something that will fit your budget.

How Long Does It Take?

Like pricing, this one varies based on a couple of factors. Mainly how many orders are currently ahead of yours and the complexity of your custom. The typical lead time is a couple of weeks. When we chat about your order, I'll give you a more specific timeline.

Can I Wear Them?

Absolutely! A lot of time and effort is put in to properly prepping the shoes to ensure the best base for a custom. At the end, most customs, also receive a sealer to help prevent scuffs and scratches. Under normal casual wearing the customs should last like any other shoe. Keep in mind they are custom, unique pieces of art, so no promises if you decide to mow the lawn in them.

Do I have to provide the shoes?

Yes, in most cases the customer will need to provide the base shoe to be customized. Please keep in mind, the shoes must be in new or like new condition. In some cases, where the base shoe is easily obtained, we can source it directly and the cost will be added to the final price.

Will You Remake a Design?

In most cases, no. Unless otherwise noted, customs are typically a one of one commission, and they'll remain unique to the customer that ordered them. If there's a past pair or theme that you like, we can look at ways to mix it up to create something unique to you.

Do you do restorations?

Sorry, I don't do restorations at this time.

Return Policy?

Due to the unique nature of custom orders, all sales are final. During the initial consultation phase, we'll work with you to ensure you know precisely what you will be getting. In the event a package arrives damaged or goes missing in transit, please let us know immediately so we can work quickly to resolve the issue.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out using the contact form with any additional questions you may have.